• Wood Treatment advice for your Log Cabin or Garden Building.

      Treating your Garden Building

      We often get asked how long we expect our garden buildings to last. The simple answer is, if you treat your garden building regularly and with a small amount of maintenance, your building can last and be enjoyed for many many years. Like any wooden building or structure, maintenance is essential in keeping your cabin in top notch condition. We recommend treating your cabin every 3-5 years with a good quality wood treatment. Carrying out this treatment will ensure your can enjoy your log cabin for many years to come.

      Being a natural product the wood will have some imperfections. It is the nature of the wood to have some movement with temperature and air moisture content changes.  These changes over time will affect the wood and you may see some slight splitting, weeping and other blemishes. As the seasons change, so will the wood of your log cabin. A good quality wood treatment and maintenance will lessen these affects.

      There are various types of factory applied treatments available that we can offer. For more information please click image below and refer to page 12 of the catalogue.




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