• Wild Moose WoodPro

    Our Standard 'Build Your Own' Range


    High quality bespoke log cabins at an affordable price.

    Each of our cabins can be modified in our configurator. You can change the size, design or see how the colour options will change the look of your cabin.

    In the configurartor, you will see itemised pricing with the overall total for your specific design, a floor plan showing all dimensions and measurements and your buildings design with 3D graphics capable of rotating through 360 degrees.

    Click our logo below to start your own design.

  • Examples of bespoke products within our WoodPro range

    • Kiln dried high quality wood

      The smaller the distance between the growth rings, the better the quality and durability of the wood. We have high standards with regards to wood quality. We kiln dry the wood to reduce the expansion and shrinkage making your building more stable.

    • Laminated Construction

      All doors and windows are manufactured from laminated wood and finger jointed to prevent warping. The doors and windows are 43 mm thick.

    • Posts and Feet

      Our supporting posts are manufactured from 9cm x 9cm laminated timber and have pressure treated feet.

    • EDPM Roof Covering Included

      We deliver a complete roofing kit comprising of EDPM rubber sheet, roof drainage outlet (flat roofs only) and adhesive kit. We also supply wide aluminum roof trims to finish off the rood edges.

    • Roof shingles included with choice of 5 colours

      If you have chosen an apex roof then heavy duty shingles are included (Colours: Black, blue, brown, green and red)