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      Terms and conditions

      1 Price and payment

      1.1 Prices of goods and services are set out within the sales order.

      1.2 A sales order is not confirmed or complete until a deposit has been paid.

      1.3 Cabins that are bespoke design and or custom built require a payment equivalent to 50% of the order value at the time of order.

      1.4 Balances are payable in full no less than 21 days prior to delivery, as cleared funds. 

      1.5 A 2.5% surcharge will be added to Credit card payments. 

      1.6 All build and assembly costs must be paid to the build team on the day of install prior to commencement of build.

      1.7 We cannot guarantee our prices on orders placed on hold for more than 12 weeks due to currency fluctuations and stock availability.

      1.8 No building will be delivered without cleared funds.

      2 The Goods

      2.1 All Wild Moose buildings are manufactured from freshly machined softwood raw materials Please note that the wood may have natural visible defects such as resin patches, shakes, splits and some bowing and twist. These are all natural elements of the wood and will not affect the durability, structure and stability of your building or its ability to be fit for purpose.

      2.2 We require notification of missing or damaged component parts within 3 working days of delivery. We will deliver one replacement delivery 'free of charge' of affected parts.  Subsequent orders for replacement parts will incur charges.  Wild Moose Limited reserves the right to inspect the initial delivery of goods to assess the validity of any claims for replacement parts and components.

      3 Deliveries

      3.1 Please allow as much notice as possible when planning your delivery. In busy periods it may take up to 5 weeks to schedule your delivery.

      3.2 Whilst we make every effort to meet your desired delivery time and date, there may be instances where we have to alter our arrangements with you. In these instances, we will endeavour to advise you as soon as possible and re schedule. Wild Moose Limited retain the right to change these arrangements and cannot be held responsible for any losses that arise from such changes in delivery schedules.

      3.3 Any changes made to the confirmed delivery time by the customer may incur additional charges. These charges can range from £50-£1000 subject to our ability to re allocate such scheduled resources.

      3.4 Our standard delivery times are Monday to Friday only.  In special circumstances we may be able to deliver at weekends but this may be at additional costs.  We do not deliver goods on national holidays.

      4 Access

      4.1 Deliveries will be made using a rigid vehicle of at least 7.5 tonne.  The vehicle will be similar in size to a refuse collection vehicle.  Please bear this in mind when arranging your delivery with use and give us notice of any restrictions there may be to access your property.

      4.2 Any delivery failures or delays due to incorrect delivery information may result in additional charges.

      5 Offloading

      5.1 Our transport company will offload to the nearest hardstanding/kerbside location only. The delivery driver has the ultimate decision regarding the offloading site and will take into account whether it is safe and practical to make the delivery.

      5.2 Wild Moose cannot take any responsibility for damaged caused in the process of delivering and the offloading the goods.

      6 Base ground works

      6.1 Your order with Wild Moose Limited does not include the provision for any ground works or base(foundadtion) preparation.  This work must be carried out and completed prior to installation of your cabin and may be under separate contract with Wild Moose Limited or other contractors of your choice.

      6.2 All foundations must have the minimum requirements of being flat, level and strong enough to withstand the loading of your log cabin and its intended use.

      6.3 The foundation must be at least the size of the building (log end to log end) in all directions

      6.4 It is recommended that the larger buildings have a solid concrete or concrete strip foundation with re-enforcing

      7 The Buildings

      7.1 When considering a building please refer to the specification, floor plan and roof dimensions.

      7.2 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all relevant local planning permissions are met or granted prior to purchase and installation.  Wild Moose Limited cannot be responsible for breaches of planning laws.

      8 Treatments

      8.1 Wood treatment is not supplied with your building.  It is recommended that the wood be treated as soon as possible after installation.

      8.2 Once treatment is applied. It is imperative that silicone sealant be applied from eaves to foundation along the log ‘ear’ connections.  It is also recommended to be applied around the door and window frame fascia surrounds.

      8.3 Ongoing maintenance must be carried out as per manufacturer’s instructions.

      9 Cancellation / returns

       9.1 In the event of cancellation of the order by the customer, or there being circumstances that Wild Moose Limited have not been notified of that lead to a forced cancellation of the order, a charge will be applied to cover the following costs:

      1. Administration fees
      2. Shipment costs into the UK
      3. Logistical costs incurred at arrival at the delivery depot
      4. Site delivery costs / cancellation costs
      5. Charges incurred due to delivery and transportation not being able to be re-allocated
      6. Charges for the standing down or re-allocation of build teams
      7. Re packaging of product where applicable
      8. Consideration on the de valued item when considered for resale.

      9.2 The product, if being returned to Wild Moose Limited should be in the condition and packaging as sold, Wild Moose Limited reserve the right to refuse cancellation should the condition of the product not be satisfactory.

      Please note:

      Should, when the delivery arrives at your property the site is found for whatever reason to be unsuitable for offloading, or the foundation conditions are deemed to be not up to standard by our build team, we will not be able to complete delivery and or build (if applicable). In this case a returns charge will be made and some of the charges as described in 9.1 may apply.

      CANCELLATION: If cancellation of the order is received more than 14 days from the date of order, a cancellation charge of £250.00 is applicable to cover administration costs.  If cancellation is received less than 1 month prior to agreed delivery date, any refund will be made in accordance with the resale value of the item.

      If you require quotations for groundworks or the installation of your log cabin, or you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Wild Moose Limited  01323 332456.  sales@wildmoosegardenbuildings.co.uk

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