• Wild Moose Base Preparation Advice.

      You have made an excellent choice in ordering your Log Cabin or Garden Building from Wild Moose Limited. An important part of the process is to ensure you have a good foundation for your cabin, this will ensure you can enjoy your log cabin for many years to come.

      Here is a brief guide to two types of base construction.

      The emphasis when it comes to the foundation is FLAT, LEVEL AND STRONG ENOUGH TO SUPPORT YOUR BUILDING.

      The foundation needs to be level and flat.  This will aid the building of the cabin and reduce unnecessary stresses being put upon the building.

      All of our cabins are supplied with foundation beams that have been pressure treated.  These beams will sit on the foundation base and will protect your cabin and allow an air flow underneath the cabin.  We also supply a waterproof membrane which will stop damp rising into the wall logs of the cabin. 

      The foundation can be constructed in a number of ways such as 2 layers of concrete blocks bedded into concrete, a solid concrete base, a base constructed of pavers. The cabin can sit on decking or a frame constructed from treated wood can be made. Either of these cabins bases would be suitable as long as they are level, flat and strong enough to provide support for your cabin.



      Please see the specifications for your cabin and the recommended base size.

      Dig out a trench so that the blocks when positioned will sit just above your existing ground level and continue around the perimeter.  Do the same for the blocks across the middle which will support the floor support beams. (Please ask us for specific details for your cabin).

      A cement mix of approximately 4 to 1 should be used to bed down the first row of blocks in the trench.  Ensure the rows are FLAT AND LEVEL all around.  Do the same with the second level of blocks again ensuring the rows are FLAT AND LEVEL.  When finished, clean excess cement mix off the blocks and check that they are FLAT AND LEVEL. Stand back and admire your work and leave for a couple of days to set.


      We keep saying it, FLAT AND LEVEL!

      Dig out the area to a depth of approximately 100-150 mm deep. Use timber board as shuttering and ensure the top edges of the shuttering are FLAT AND LEVEL. Make sure the shuttering is straight as this will be the edge of your concrete base. As base substrate of MOT or hardcore can be put in at this stage and packed down (especially if ground is very wet or unstable). Pour concrete into the base area working it around to remove air pockets. Use a straight edged board to span across the shuttering and level off the surface (a two person job).  Ensure the surface is 100% FLAT AND LEVEL.  Stand back and admire your handy-work and leave the concrete to set for 4 – 5 days. When the concrete is fully cured, the shuttering can be removed and your foundation is ready for your log cabin.

      Note: For some of our larger buildings we recommend that you add re-enforcing to your concrete base. 

      You can of course ask us for quotations for building the foundation for your cabin and we would be very pleased to assist.



      This is self explanetary however you must ensure the decking is strong enough to take the weight of the cabin and that it is FLAT AND LEVEL.



      We suggest 100mm x 50 mm 4"x2" treated softwood as a minimun with 100mm x 100mm treated softwood posts set into concrete.  You may wish to create a framework that will double as the bearers for the cabin on which the cabin will fit directly onto.  You may also wish to lay weed suppressing matting on the ground.

      Well these are a few ideas for the base for your cabin and I we will again remind you that whatever method you choose, the base must be ..........YOU GUESSED IT - FLAT AND LEVEL


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