• Wood Treatment advice for your Log Cabin or Garden Building.

      Treating your Garden Building

      We often get asked how long we expect our garden buildings to last. The simple answer is, if you treat your garden building regularly and with a small amount of maintenance, your building can last and be enjoyed for many many years. Like any wooden building or structure, maintenance is essential in keeping your cabin in top notch condition. We recommend treating your cabin every 3-5 years with a good quality wood treatment such as Demidekk. Carrying out this treatment will ensure your can enjoy your log cabin for many years to come.

      We have tried and tested many products, however the best wood treatment/paint we have found is DEMIDEKK. They have been providing protection for wooden houses / log cabins since 1972.

      It is not the cheapest product on the market but we very much believe that you get what you pay for. Demidekk provides a long-lasting coverage of up to 10 years so it will save you re-buying and re-painting your garden building after a few years.

      The tins are 3 litres, and each 3 litre tin covers roughly one coat of 12 metres squared.

      Being a natural product the wood will have some imperfections. It is the nature of the wood to have some movement with temperature and air moisture content changes.  These changes over time will affect the wood and you may see some slight splitting, weeping and other blemishes. As the seasons change, so will the wood of your log cabin. A good quality wood treatment and maintenance will lessen these affects.

      Please note that we do not advise painting your log cabin or garden building before consulting a professional.


      Pressure Treatment 

      We offer a pressure-treatment service for a wide range of cabins and also on our bespoke buildings. This procedure is done in the manufacturing process where the agent is forced into the timber under pressure. Once the pressure treatment has been completed in the factory, the time does need time to dry out. Therefore, the lead time on any building that is pressure treated increases by 2 weeks. 

      There are two colour options: Green or brown. Please note, the colour will go greyer over time. You do not have to, but after pressure treatment, you can also paint over this if you wish.


      We are able to offer a stain on a wide range of our buildings and also on our bespoke buildings. This is when the inside and outside of the walls are pre-treated with an undercoat. The outside and/or inside will then need to be painted on-top of this once installed.This treatment will protect your summerhouse for ± 5 years. This pre-treatment is water-based and more environmentally-friendly than oil-based paint. This pre-treatment offers optimum protection against UV radiation, moisture, fungi and rotting. 

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